Most days you can find me sipping cold brew in the softest pajamas I can find, consuming ALL the podcasts, checking things off in my planner, and having a good laugh.

I am mostly known for: sharing my struggle in a way that allows others to feel not-so-different.  I believe many of us have this false idea of what others are like on the inside because of what we see on the outside.  But I love breaking down those walls and showing people that their mess is nothing to hide.


I teach people how to dismiss the negative voice in their head and find their harmony.

Everything we experience and believe is  a result of the way we process things.  I believe when we are kind to ourselves, we can restructure our thoughts and ultimately our lives.

     I photograph people that desire art that is grounding in the eyes of their heart - not only beautiful on their feed.

     I also do a little bit of design work that I sell on Etsy.

Helping create beauty in this world is my labor of love

Surprise! I'm also an artist...

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  When I’m not busy working on creating things I find lovely, you can catch me:

-adventuring with my fiancé
-making my planner pretty
-chasing my goddaughter and 2 dogs in Oklahoma
-planning my next taco run
-dreaming of a new place to visit

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I love Serving the World By:

People often Refer to Me as:

easy to get along with

challenging myself and others to push past their limiting beliefs

The things I am most passionate about in life are continual growth, creating beauty, and personal connection.

One Thing I Could Not Go a Day Without:

Lip Balm

My Most Used Emoji is:

If I had a Warning label it would say:

WARNING: Do NOT, under any circumstance, ask to decide what to eat

If I Could Eat One Meal for the Rest of My Life it Would Be:

Shrimp Tacos

If You're still dying to hear more-

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